First Valley Inverness and Captain Oko
The Point Reyes Light, June 28, 2018
Two new shops in Inverness and Point Reyes Station build on West Marin's storied past.

Paul Harris, of Bolinas, harnessed power in art
The Point Reyes Light, June 21, 2018
Paul Harris is known for a body of work that defied category and genre, harnessing media from fabric to pencil to bronze. His art turned ordinary objects into bearers of unexpected power in what the artist Bill Berkson described as “oracular shadow play.”

Governor orders new focus on ailing forest
The Point Reyes Light, May 31, 2018
A recent executive order provides resources and calls on agencies to cooperate to manage a growing crisis in California's forests.

Nostalgic adventure marks Bolinas film
The Point Reyes Light, May 10, 2018
A Bolinas native creates a short film about his 1980's childhood in West Marin.

Marconi head steps down in rebuild plan
The Point Reyes Light, April 19, 2018
The executive director of the Marconi Conference Center has stepped down from her position after less than two years, a move designed to soften public perception of a conflict of interest.

Sunnyside: Light at the end
The Point Reyes Light, February 8, 2018
An intimate documentary, set in the woods above the Tomales Bay coast, reveals the last days in the friendship of reclusive architect Daniel Libermann and sound artist Henry "Sandy" Jacobs.

The woman behind the Barbarian Beach Party
The Point Reyes Light, March 5, 2015
DJ Barbarella takes community radio around the world and back.

Much ado about shucking
The Point Reyes Light, January 29, 2015
Saltwater Oyster Depot expands its presence in the town of Inverness, leaving some wondering what's left.

Animating Grace Paley
The Point Reyes Light, December 18, 2014
On Naomi Newman's friendship with Frank O'Hara, her career at the Traveling Jewish Theater, and her take on the life and work of poet and activist Grace Paley.

Point Reyes Books in the vanguard
The Point Reyes Light, November 13, 2014
A photographer incites a mild riot in Point Reyes Station.

• Chattanooga's Crystal Ball
Next American City, Summer 2010, Issue 27
The article focuses on STAND, a community visioning survey that was conducted in Chattanooga, Tennessee to ask residents and community members about the future of the city.


Essays and Poems

"Highway 1: A theory," "Dinucci's," "Marshall Store," "Mammoth Rocks," "Russia House #1," "Fort Ross State Park," "Ocean Cove Bar & Grill"
The North Coaster, Summer 2018

"Beach Day"
The North Coaster, Summer 2016

"gay scene"
Beauty Today #2: Second Base, July 2013

"I think I went to Montreal"
Gigantic Sequins - Issue 1.2, 2009